A/V permutation: is a new version of the LAPS installation. It borrows an image from the psychodiagnostic of Rorschach. These abstract shapes are conceived to give free rein to interpretations and allows the psychologists to estimate the personality of a subject.
In this piece in network, the image is sent on internet and returns in the exhibition’s space, then is sent back again. This cycle is reproduced ad infinitum. As time goes, the image is restructured by errors of transmission which accumulate until complete crumbling of the initial shape.
The permutations which take place slowly inside the image prolong and spread its initial potential, and can produce a set of new associations and interpretations.
The action of the Internet users on the congestion of the Web has a direct influence on the evolution of this installation, giving to the system its instability and its suggestive richness.



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